– 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 4 BRs have private sinks, 10 person maximum

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The Wahwa Cottage situated on a prominent point of land, over looking the five islands of Cape Porpoise. The owners of the Oriental Tea Company built this cottage in 1898. The house features a 10 person formal dining room; a comfortable living room and a large eat in kitchen. A private pier provides the center for water activities such as swimming and kayaking and access to the broad stretch of sandy flats for walking, playing and island adventuring. A spacious wrap-around porch has areas for shady reading and sun bathing. There are large lawns for out door games such as softball or Badminton. A 10-minute walk takes you to the bustling Cape Porpoise fish pier or the quaint village of Cape Porpoise. The tidal change is 8-10 feet in front of the house making a landscape that is always changing. At low tide, the sand flats are accessible for one half mile in all directions. In the evening, relax on the porch to watch the sun set reflecting on the islands.

Beautiful Vistas: unique environment: The sea coast of Cape Porpoise is surrounded by a protective island boundary. These islands form a barrier from the Atlantic ocean’s waves and wind, creating an ideal area for kayaking, canoing and any other type of recreational boating. The islands provide a multitude of inlets, coves and beaches to explore or make shore. The six islands directly in front of the house are Stage, Fort, Cape, Trotts, Redins and Goat. All of these islands are owned by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, and are open to the public for picnicking and touring. Please visit their web site for a web cam view of the area from the light house situated on Goat Island. The exact coordinates of the house are: 43.369918,-70.429709. These can be used in Google Earth ‘Fly To’ tab. Google maps does not show the address location correctly.

Late Summer Tennis Court: An original clay tennis court is available depending upon the weather conditions. The surface of this court is actually a grey clay. It is very susceptible to water pooling and can not be used for days after a hard rain. Often in August and September, when the court has dried out it is very convenient. So bring your raquets, maybe you will get lucky

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